SILENCE cover art

SILENCE (2011)

‘SILENCE’ produced by Todd Fogelsonger and recorded by Martin Feveyear at Jupiter Studios in Seattle 2010.

New Release ‘SILENCE’ out now on Mowlawner Records available at CDBaby and ITunes.




Manooghi Hi Debut Cover Art

Manooghi Hi (2009)

“…Manooghi Hi fared fairly well despite having almost no buzz going into the festival. (Not in America, at least. More on that below.) The lower the expectations, the greater the chance of surpassing them, and as a newish group that rarely plays around Seattle, Manooghi Hi was a surprising addition to the city’s local presence in Austin. They deserve a mention here for originality alone: Suffice to say you’ve never heard anything like Manooghi Hi. Maybe because, to the best of my knowledge, their sound has never before been attempted. To oversimplify, it’s like this: panoramic rock ‘n’ roll fronted by a petite, beautiful Indian woman scat singing in Hindi. The cross-pollination is dizzying — East and West, ancient and modern, pop and classical, ecstatic spiritualism and headbanging rock. The potential for Rusted Root-style world groove dilettantism arises and is crushed by the frontwoman’s chops. It’s hard to argue her authenticity. Her name is Mehnaz, and it turns out the Mumbai native is a big deal in India, having recorded a national pop hit in 1996. Now she’s working with a crew of veteran Seattle rockers in effort to do something truly unprecedented. It’s an ambitious project and a stylistic departure for a town very much rooted in rock ‘n’ roll tradition.” Review by: By Jonathan Zwickel